Bow Thruster Installs
Bow Thruster Installs

Make your boating life easier and safer with a bow thruster installation

Anyone who has berthed a vessel in high winds knows how easy it can be to collide with another boat or object, even with the best of care and skill. The good news is that there is a solution and it can save you unnecessary boat repair costs caused by accidental knocks.

Bow thruster installations are not just for large vessels. We can do installs on cruise boats, sailboats, and sports boats so you can dock and depart in tight marinas with confidence.

Bow thruster installations are the most common type, but we can also do stern thruster installs

A bow thruster installation will give you extra manoeuvrability. We source thrusters based on the size and details of your vessel and the installation is professionally done at our work shed at Coomera on the Gold Coast.

Bow (and stern) thrusters are typically smaller than the main propeller system as they are used less and at low speeds for accuracy in boat control.

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Is a bow thruster installation right for your boat?

If you’d like to know whether your boat is right for a thruster installation, talking to us is a good idea. We can ask the right questions about your boating usage and the type of vessel (length, hull type, power system etc.) you have, so we can give you expert advice that will fit your circumstances.

Get the answer to our most commonly asked questions about our bow thruster installs and our boat repair services at our FAQ page. Our business hours are 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday.