Our most commonly asked questions about boat building and boat repair

We get asked questions a lot so we thought it would be helpful if we compiled them into one convenient place to make it easy for people to find. Of course, we’re always happy to answer questions over the phone or in person, so feel free to give our Gold Coast office a call. Our office hours are from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Boat Repair | Gold Coast | Faq

New Boat Builds

Yes, we are always happy to help you find a design. Send us your wishlist of what you would like in a vessel and we will find a range of designs for you to look at. Designers we are particularly fond of are Iain Oughtred http://www.oughtredboats.com/, Herreshoff http://herreshoffdesigns.com/ and Joel White https://www.woodenboatstore.com/category/white_designs

We do not currently offer design services. We build to professional designer specifications. While we can change the internal layout, we do not alter the hull or structural members without designer or NA approval.

Yes, we can build from any design/plan that has been professionally drafted.

We build boats out of timber, fibreglass, and steel. Everything from traditional carvel/clinker planked boats to the latest in modern composite methods.

Power boats up to 40’ (~12m) and sailing vessels up to 30’ with larger boats available upon special request.

Major Structural Repairs

Yes, we’ve undertaken this type of job numerous times. We are experts in structural repair.

Yes, we do insurance work and we are capable of repairing all substrates/structural members.


Yes, we can apply prop speed to all your running gear/underwater lights.


The type of antifouling you choose depends on the size, speed, and frequency of use of your vessel. Slower displacement hulls generally use an ablative antifouling while the higher speed planing boats use a hard antifouling.



Yes, we can machine clean your seats with a special cleaning fluid. We also offer respray services if you want to change the colour of your seats entirely.

Yes, we can detail your boat to get it ready for a day out and meet you afterwards to clean up after you return.

Yes, we can thoroughly detail your boat inside and out.

Yes, we offer detailing plans from Fortnightly to Quartto detail counts apply for regular detailing contracts.

Yes, we can come to your house or the marina where your boat is kept and detail.

Timber and Fibreglass Repairs

Yes, we use West Systems epoxy resin and high-quality fibreglass for our repairs. We also offer repairs with vinyl ester resin.

Yes, we are classically trained shipwrights and have extensive experience in older construction methods and repair. We offer steam bending and carvel plank caulking services.

Yes, we can identify common marine species and their substitutes.

Yes, we are rot specialists, we can fix any rot job that you require to be done.

Teak and Synthetic Decking

For the exterior, we are installers in the Gold Coast/Brisbane region for NUTeak. NUTeak is a synthetic teak alternative that comes in either black or white caulking and a range of plank sizes. For interior applications, we use NautikFlor which comes in Teak and Cherry with Holly or Black seams.



Material prices fluctuate and every deck design is different. If you provide us with the square meterage, we can give you a free estimate. We also specialise in swept decks and hand cut inlays.

Gelcoat and Paint Repairs

Yes, we can blend in paint repairs where possible. Ideally ,you would have the colour, brand and product name of your paint handy, but we can also use a colour card to closely match the existing paintwork.

Yes, we offer a colour match service for any colour of ggel coat

Hull Resprays

Not currently. All the spray paint we currently do is strictly below the gunwale.

Turnaround on a hull respray can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks.

Refit and Restoration

We are timber boat specialists. If your timber boat needs restoring, we are the people to speak to.

Yes, we do offer project/vessel management for your refit project.

Bow Thruster Installs

Send us the details of your vessel and we will source the right product for you.

Yes, we can source and fully install a stern thruster on your vessel.

Ease of movement when making or departing your berth in high wind conditions. The extra manoeuvrability can save money on paint repairs!