Refit & Restoration
Refit & Restoration

Timber boat repair specialists

Our boat refit and restoration work are done by an experienced shipwright who has been trained in traditional and modern boat building. Learn more About Us.

A boat refit can involve a mix of repairs, restoration work, renovation work, and refurbishment work. See our photo Gallery for before/after photos of some of our boat repair work.

While we work on all types of boats, our speciality is working on timber boats. Many people love timber boats for their aesthetic appeal and craftmanship. While it’s true that fibreglass boats can withstand more neglect than timber boats, both materials still require regular attention and maintenance to keep them looking good. So, if you have a timber boat that needs restoring, we’re the right people to call.

Wood is good

A properly maintained wooden boat can last many decades. With a refit and restoration, we can give a rundown boat a makeover with new interior fittings, rebuild damaged sections, and even do Major Structural Repairs if necessary.

The benefits of marine grade timber for boat building

  • Natural buoyancy
  • Flexible and able to absorb shocks and vibrations
  • Timber is rigid and lightweight
  • Can be encapsulated in fibreglass and resin to prevent the wood from getting wet
  • Lightweight
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We offer more than just boat repair

We’re a complete solution for boat repairs, boat restoration, Antifouling, Detailing, and New Boat Builds. Along with this we can even manage any vessel refit project.

You’re welcome to Contact Us any time between 7:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday. All our boat repair and boat restoration work is done at our professional work shed on the Gold Coast.